Battlestar Galactica

Already in one of the first episodes of the old and the new “dvd covers” link quite interesting. Indeed there is a meeting with Tom Captain

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Adama Zarekiem. The latter figure that the show will play an important role played by Richard Hatch, and he is the first “dvd covers” played the character … Continue reading


for the best

The film “Haunting” by Peter Cornwell is obsessed with horror from the sign of the house. Family of cancer patient Matt Campbell has moved closer

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to the hospital where the boy is therapy. Mother of buying premises, guided only by financial considerations, because the action takes place in the 80s, so long before the health care reform Barack Obama. Very soon, it turns out that buying suspiciously cheap real estate was not accurate move. The film develops on two levels. On the one hand, we are dealing with a haunted house, the other of a boy suffering from cancer. Continue reading

only for hard people

The film “Children of Irena Sendler,” based on the book Anna Mieszkowska “Mother of the Holocaust Children” tells the story of the heroic activities

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of women, Irena Sendler, who during World War II, along with a group of co-launched a wide-ranging campaign to rescue children from the Warsaw ghetto. The film focuses primarily on showing the contribution of the Polish nation in saving Jews. Are shown where both threads Irene cooperation with the Council for Aid to Jews, and its close relationship with the Church. Through extensive efforts Sendler became possible to safely exit from the ghetto about 2500 children who were placed with Polish families, orphanages and convents. Continue reading


Western died a natural death in dvd covers 70’s. dvd covers spectators got bored watching dvd covers cattle ranchers who stuffed with lead Indians. Once in a while hit a brave manufacturer who wanted to revive dvd covers species, but usually ended up with a grim demise remains kowbojkach movie. Suddenly a small label Lionsgate released a remake of dvd covers classic “15:10 to Yuma,” starring dvd covers cast first division Hollywood actors – Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. Continue reading

for my fans

“Amelia” is a film in many respects excellent. It is beautiful visuals. Everything in warm colors and landscape of Paris. Perhaps too often it has been tweaked computers, but “Amelia” is a fable for adults, so we forgive her for the perfection. Great, so the movie came out pictures along with music that complements the vision of the world sensationally without great worries of everyday life. Actors are perfect, with Audrey Continue reading


At first glance, the Norwegian “Manhunt – Hunting” gives the impression of solid tailored slasher, without a hint of embarrassment, rooted in the American classics. The first 20 minutes is an obvious copy of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” – not only is the truck traveling four young people descend on the hostile provinces, and the chassis a little strange hitchhiker, it’s still the same action takes place in the 70’s. No narrative inventiveness unfortunately goes much further – “Hunt” for a moment can not escape the predictability of species, which eventually kills the well filmed and decently played survival horror. Patrik Syversen, moreover, he sticks the own goal, at the beginning of killing Continue reading

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and dvd covers

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” draws its strength from the social loosening which prevailed in the United States after a series of political disasters. Intervention in Vietnam, Watergate, the oil crisis, and finally the protracted deadlock with the Soviets made the idealistic vision of America as a world policeman fell with a thud. A reflection of these concerns was, among other things film Hooper, who was one of the first turned his camera toward the inner rot, has for years hindered corset McCarthyzmu consuming society. Continue reading