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for my fans

“Amelia” is a film in many respects excellent. It is beautiful visuals. Everything in warm colors and landscape of Paris. Perhaps too often it has been tweaked computers, but “Amelia” is a fable for adults, so we forgive her for the perfection. Great, so the movie came out pictures along with music that complements the vision of the world sensationally without great worries of everyday life. Actors are perfect, with Audrey Tautou in the title role, and many forms drugoplanowymi. It is the actors appearing in the second line gives the film this extraordinary power, which helps us track the fate of several characters.


And finally, even the thing that in many other films influenced their poor reception, and here “covercity” perfectly. This narrator

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commenting and dopowiadający course of events. In “Amelia,” the voice of this sensationally dropped, adding a unique atmosphere and style. After many years since its launch reception “Amelia” is similar to that on release, because thanks to an interesting approach to the story, the image is practically not grown old.


The film once again delight those sensitive and full of “poetry in the heart”, but misses to the audience, who have an allergic reaction to bitter-sweet stories devoted to the characters quite substantially deviate to the classic romantic hero of the story. “Amelia” deserve to issue high-resolution prepared for this film, where the image and sound are key building blocks the entire narrative. The sound, however, remained at the level of Dolby Digital 5.1. We have a Polish voice, and the original with subtitles. Specification of an image is Full HD 1080/24p. However, you can have a deficiency, because even though he belongs to those prepared very well, it does not ascend to the heights of technical possibilities that are shared by many important contemporary films.


This may stem from a sense that “Amelia” is now a film almost 10 years, so some of the parameters in 2001 could not meet.

movie covers

dvd covers

Sometimes artificial rising “technical parameters” doing bad old movies on Blu-ray. The complete absence of additives on the “Amelia” is the biggest problem, however this release. It compensates somewhat price boards in shops, which ranges between 60 zlotys. DVD cover for “Amelia” are made by Maciek Kownasia. Maciek takes, such as the “Amelia” and makes them available through DVD covers CoverCity. This site provides free cover for the movie Amelia.


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  1. kiszka ⋅

    Actors to comply with their duties superbly. Christian Bale as an ordinary farmer – you could get the impression that it really is. Evans is a man of his taciturn and niepotrafiący to deal with life, but also a man who has a fierce look and a determination to improve the fate of his family. Russell Crowe – the first time I saw him on screen as the villain, but here he was convincing in what he does. Another plus film is Ben Foster – for him among the greatest applause, as compared with its previous films presented here are the best. I have not seen it shown bandit – a madman who is good only for one thing – killing. The three stood in the film to a duel at high levels. Both the actor’s duel, in which the revolvers.

    • salata ⋅

      Very beautiful land on the Niemen, which is a perfect setting for the fate of the characters, they become an essential element of the film with pictures of Thomas Tarasin. They allow even to the world of form in which nature is almost one of the heroes. This would not be possible without the great music Andrew. It was she who creates the mood, affect the collection of individual scenes, evokes certain emotions in the viewer. Cohesive element is the whole picture.

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