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Western died a natural death in dvd covers 70’s. dvd covers spectators got bored watching dvd covers cattle ranchers who stuffed with lead Indians. Once in a while hit a brave manufacturer who wanted to revive dvd covers species, but usually ended up with a grim demise remains kowbojkach movie. Suddenly a small label Lionsgate released a remake of dvd covers classic “15:10 to Yuma,” starring dvd covers cast first division Hollywood actors – Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. In addition to dvd covers original storyline breeze burdened with dvd covers weight of psychological and philosophical. To movie audiences


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respond today, Evans is played by a master of reticence Bale, while dvd covers erratic Wade Russell Crowe. Evans Expedition, unlike dvd covers original now has three instead of one day, and his companions are Alan Tudyk and Peter Fonda. Another change is dvd covers duration of dvd covers film, which was extended by dvd covers director James Mangold to slightly enhance dvd covers plot, adding thread son and father, and pursued by Chinese workers built by dvd covers railroad tracks. Yuma for our generation is not necessarily a Western movie, dvd covers only thing you need dvd covers viewer, is a gun that will shine in dvd covers light of dvd covers rising sun. Anyway, most of today’s audiences have been accustomed to this species, considering it too old and not very interesting.

Yuma is probably why dvd covers director decided to change some approaches to show dvd covers film, but this treatment did not work out as expected.
Bale, who plays a quiet role for years, lost men, does not fit dvd covers morally torn Evans, who undertakes a dangerous job in exchange for appropriate payment. Better to Crowe, who, though rips in part to  character as a brutal murderer. Looking at them as a couple of main characters, one must conclude that dvd covers selection of actors was a bad decision. Crowe somewhat saves everything, but when dvd covers scene appears in Bale, sleepiness envelops dvd covers viewer.

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Perhaps dvd covers director Mangold is great, but dvd covers same scenario seems to be a cheap copy of dvd covers original version. Although dvd covers film is undeniably good fun, because of dvd covers lack of a more profound consideration is cheap entertainment. A moralizing message of ending dvd covers story seems to be planted in strength, so that dvd covers viewer might think that everything is so stupidly naive.
“3:10 to Yuma” is an attempt to restore dvd covers salons already forgotten genre of western. This attempt, however, is a bad project because of dvd covers lack of perfectly matching dvd covers actors as Glenn Ford and Van Heflin, whose very sight of cinema screen was so convincing that dvd covers viewer does not need anything more. It’s no longer dvd covers days when everyone wanted to be a cowboy from dvd covers Wild West. Now people are more interested in dvd covers stories of serial killers, or hot romances beautiful looking women.
As much as we would like to say that dvd covers new “Yuma” is an ambitious return to dvd covers roots of cinema. This would be an abuse, because director James Mangold  is just an efficient Hollywood craftsman, not an artist. This is because all dvd covers clues Nietzschowskie nothing gunmen die from bullets. dvd covers film tells of a farmer Evans, who undertakes to escort a dangerous bandit on dvd covers train. It is not known whether he is referring more money to rescue ailing farm, and respect his son. dvd covers expedition will not be easy and enjoyable, because they want to recapture dvd covers head of armed companions.
It is dvd covers story of rancher Dan Evans, who is facing serious financial problems. He lives in dvd covers wilderness with his wife and two sons,

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dvd covers

keeping dvd covers family from grazing cattle. dvd covers whole problem lies in dvd covers fact that his land is dvd covers perfect length for dvd covers construction of railways. To unleash his ranch out of debt, decides along with a handful of people to transport a dangerous bandit Ben Wade to a prison located in dvd covers title Yumi.
Western Mangold etched in my memory as dvd covers ballad of good and bad, so do not bother me any idealized phrases, improbable behaviors, momentary naive dialogue or served in a sentimental tone at dvd covers end. dvd covers whole charm of this film is that of a typical men’s adventure was a universal tale of sacrifice, dvd covers dignity, dvd covers boundary between good and evil, and it contains dvd covers value of building a romance movie straight from dvd covers Wild West. But most importantly, all of shooting to death and life and pursuits provide a considerable dose of experience until dvd covers last scene. Applause belong to Russell Crowe – he played brilliantly and with dvd covers zest of a ruthless, with a smile on your face to eliminate retinue Evans, and raises a genuine sympathy and compassion at times. What else with Christian Bale’m. Not that I did not like, but his role was much more straightforward. Best was dvd covers unpredictable Ben Foster as Charlie Prince. Possible to replace dvd covers actors, who play at dvd covers current standards of expression seems to be theatrical and somewhat grotesque, is another remake of an asset.
Dynamic action here is not an end in itself but a way of modifying dvd covers souls of heroes. In dvd covers course of numerous shootings, both men need to redefine dvd covers concepts of loyalty and friendship. Everything would be fine, if not final, in which dvd covers director to dvd covers company of writers may be evident botch. Psychology and Logic permanent leave dvd covers train to Yuma, and dvd covers station is just unfounded pile of corpses.
The plot is very simple. Farmer Dan Evans, falls into debt and to earn some money, he shall apply to a group of people who have to transport dangerous criminal Ben Wade to dvd covers train that will take him to jail for Yumi. On their way, will, however, many obstacles, especially dvd covers people Wade, who with all his strength will attempt to free his boss.
Film is directed by James Mangold, dvd covers creator of such good films as “Cop Land”, “Girl, Interrupted” and “Walk dvd covers Line”. He knew

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them very well to focus on dvd covers psychology of characters and not different in “3:10 to Yuma.” This means that it is not just mindless action movie, full of what in contemporary cinema. Certainly helped him in this exceptional cast, what we see in this film. As Dan Evans is Christian Bale (“Batman Begins,” “The Prestige”). His character is actually a crystal of good, but what arouses sympathy of dvd covers viewer. It is much more complicated personality is Ben Wade, played by Russell Crowe in (“Gladiator,” “A Beautiful Mind”). Looks great as a black Character, which in any situation remains calm, and free time she likes to draw. In dvd covers film there is also plenty of secondary characters, each of which plays a major role. Most of them stands out Ben Foster (“Alpha Dog”, “X-Men: dvd covers Last Stand”) as dvd covers epitome of evil Charlie Prince.
The film is also very well done technically. Beautiful scenery perfectly captured in his photographs Phedon Papamichael. Great is also scoring dvd covers film, which especially makes itself known during dvd covers famously realized shootings. Very well done dvd covers costumes and set design.
Not to mention dvd covers fantastic music by Marco Beltrami. Earlier this composer in particular reminded me of a bad musical setting for “Terminator 3: Rebellion Machines”. By contrast, his compositions for “3:10 to Yuma” is really beautiful, especially in dvd covers works, which seem to hear dvd covers guitar. At times he reminded me even once to dvd covers melodies created by Ennio Morricone westerns.
As previously mentioned, dvd covers director of a very focused in this film as dvd covers psychological side, but there is no secret that in this film are very important action scenes. These were made truly perfect, and most importantly, they are not exaggerated as it does in most modern production (perhaps in addition to death scene of one of dvd covers criminals in dvd covers stagecoach robbery scene). dvd covers real gem is dvd covers final shooting, which is one of dvd covers best that I could see in dvd covers movies. Voltage reaches its zenith, and really just enchants its execution.


dvd covers

In summary, “3:10 to Yuma” is absolutely a successful remake, which really should refer to all fans of westerns. dvd covers film reinforces dvd covers belief that this species did not die, and watch dvd covers duo Christian Bale – Russell Crowe gives great pleasure.
But dvd covers film is worth of interest. First, because of his great acting, and secondly because of dvd covers elegant edition DVD. dvd covers album was fueled by a set of add-ons: “making of” interview with Elmore Leonard (author of dvd covers original novel), deleted scenes and trailer. For material on dvd covers Wild West: a western story, a story about legendary bandits, and dvd covers document on weapons used by cowboys. In 16:9 format, and DD 5.1 sound. dvd covers film we can watch with subtitles, as well as a teacher.


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3 responses to “War

  1. drabioy ⋅

    One of the main characters in the film is Dan Evans. It crippled the American Civil War veteran, who along with his wife and two sons settled in Arizona. It has financial problems caused by drought, which came only after the river flowing zatamowaniu near his farm. Added to this is his son’s illness and related expenses. Farmer is desperate for money. She goes to the city of Bisbee, to sell family heirlooms. When traveling, witnessing a robbery of the infamous outlaw Ben Wade in the convoy. Ben is caught soon, just in Bisbee. The owners of the convoy, which he had stolen, they are willing to pay people to these discontinued Wade to a train that will take him to prison for Yumi …

    • mariola ⋅

      Against the background of Arizona and its residents have two main characters – Ben Wade (Russell Crowe) and Dan Evans (Christian Bale). Wild West’s most famous thief, and the common farmer. The man widely known and awesome, and on the other side were modest cripple military, which does not arouse respect even among his own son. The two men joined United Way. Their psychological duel was in my opinion very well shown. The characters, although they represent different views and knowledge, standing on opposite sides of the conflict, become close. Each has a different purpose, but this goal is combined with the other. Evans, transporting Wade to the train, wants to earn money and gain respect his son, William. However, all the way William Wade admires, listens with interest the story of the audacious attacks. To him, Ben is a real man, what Dan will be hard to afford. But Evans is trying to do everything possible to gain the favor of his son and was ready at any transport a bandit to the train. This mission, as opposed to the Civil War, where he fought, makes him a hero. Sam Ben Wade also is changing. It shows that even a bandit is a man and also has its honor, it is guided by some principles in life. Evans confesses to its past, also from unpleasant childhood. Often quotes the Bible, he can draw well, is sensitive – in other words, does not fit the bandit. It is these confidences and conversation between them form a sort of friendship.

  2. ryszard ⋅

    The movie I waited a long time since I learned that Crowe will play in it. The actor wrote in each of his role and I was sure, and that can cope. “3:10 to Yuma” has a lot of action. From the first scene, something is always going on and watching a movie can not be bored. Some scenes may be, and are far-fetched, such as shooting the pistols and revolvers, but how to turn a blind eye, they have little in common with real shootings, is well presented on the screen. Prairie landscapes, gorges and półpustyń pass through the entire movie, but the longer the camera does not stop them, to be able to admire them. They are just the background for the action western. City shown in the film are typical of the Wild West atmosphere. The whole scenery is well done, and the interiors of buildings do not look like a room in the studio (the same impression I had while watching the movie “Tombstone” in 1993. Only drawback, discern what is here, the color of the cars of the train to Yuma … Do not know why, I expected the red.

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