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The film “Haunting” by Peter Cornwell is obsessed with horror from the sign of the house. Family of cancer patient Matt Campbell has moved closer

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to the hospital where the boy is therapy. Mother of buying premises, guided only by financial considerations, because the action takes place in the 80s, so long before the health care reform Barack Obama. Very soon, it turns out that buying suspiciously cheap real estate was not accurate move. The film develops on two levels. On the one hand, we are dealing with a haunted house, the other of a boy suffering from cancer. The director is trying to engage the two (and only two) threads. Matt puts on the verge of death, to make it a good medium. Because the boy for a long time, looks death in the eye, it can receive messages from beyond the worlds. Fortuitously, that is to say, in order not to confuse too much story, the boy in the hospital meets the exorcist, who will come to the aid of him. Appearing at the beginning of apparitions, the boy placed at the door of his treatment, which, as he said the doctor, you may experience side effects such as hallucinations, bizarre. Soon, however, a strange unlucky tenants living in the house they discover the hard way the other members of the family. It turns out, after all sorts of nooks and crannies przeszperaniu that here was once a quaint funeral, in which the owner He performed the rites of black magic, reviving the dead.


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Ghosts, which was not allowed to go alone to the other world, now make themselves felt. I do not demand from horror to analyze the complex issues of interpersonal relationships, because of this I Bergman. So, pouring out a veil of silence over the fact that no character does

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not have any symptoms of the inner life. Well, maybe with the exception of his father, who once gets drunk and makes a tavern quarrel, by the way, assumed nowhere. But the skilful dosage emotions, especially fear, should be among the fundamental principles of every decent horror. The “distressed” look forward to the first appearance of ghosts, and when they appear for the first time, just come on. Once oswoimy to their presence, the voltage built only for the drastically falling.

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