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The film “Children of Irena Sendler,” based on the book Anna Mieszkowska “Mother of the Holocaust Children” tells the story of the heroic activities

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of women, Irena Sendler, who during World War II, along with a group of co-launched a wide-ranging campaign to rescue children from the Warsaw ghetto. The film focuses primarily on showing the contribution of the Polish nation in saving Jews. Are shown where both threads Irene cooperation with the Council for Aid to Jews, and its close relationship with the Church. Through extensive efforts Sendler became possible to safely exit from the ghetto about 2500 children who were placed with Polish families, orphanages and convents. The true identity was rescued by Irena systematically recorded on tiny sheets of paper hidden in a jar zakopywanym in the garden. In 1943, the heroine was arrested by the Gestapo and sentenced to death, but due to the high ransom paid by Zegota sentence was carried out only on “paper”. The film ends with Irene going to a farm in the mountains, where, under a false name to hide is with her boyfriend Stefan until the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising. He lives maybe a dozen people in the country and abroad, who know that it was Irena Sendler saved their lives.

They were in close contact with her – says Christina Budnicka who does not know the identity of  those who have helped. – Many people do not know that it owed her life. It is also unclear how many of these children survived the war. Elizabeth survived Ficowska that Irena Sendler was named the third mother. In contrast to the first Jews, who gave her life, the other Polish, who gave love, and the third – saved her life. Among

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saved by Sendler is also a literary professor. Michal Glowinski. Renowned film director and screenwriter, Canadian-born, every day, working with American movie studios, the second time is the author of the film, which tells the story of the recent history of our country. In 2005, he directed the famous film “John Paul II” with Jon Voight in the title role, and the subject of the next filming and inspiration to work, women became the story, Irena Sendler, who during World War II, risking their own lives and loved ones, rescued since the death of more than 2,500 children from the Warsaw Ghetto. Anna Helene Paquin as Irena Sendler was born.

September 19, 1979 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. As a child she moved with her parents to New Zealand, and now lives in the United States. After Tatum O’Neal, Anna is the youngest winner of an Oscar in history – received it in 1989 for his supporting role in Jane Campion’s Piano. She was then 10 years old. In the film she played the daughter mute woman (Holly Hunter) in Scotland, correspondence released by the New Zealand farmer married. It was her debut film.

Paquin has won roles in Amistad, Buffalo Soldiers, 19 time, a series of X-Men movies and the TV series True Blood. He is also dubbed – her voice can be heard, among others English soundtracks in two animations: Steamboy (2007), and Laputa – Castle in the Sky (1989). Dvd cover for “Children of Irena Sendler” are made by Adelaide Kordek. Adela does cover dvd and blu-ray cover such as the “Children of Irena Sendler” and makes it the CoverCity. This site provides free dvd cover for the film Children of Irena Sendler.


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