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Day of the Wacko

“Day of the Wacko” is a bitter comedy, telling the story of Adasiu Miauczyńskim, man, for whom the real hell is the next five minutes to live. This man is entangled in the obsessions of everyday life. It numeromanem, ablutomanem not accept himself The Day the Earth Stood Still (51)and even dreaming about big love, running away from anything that smells like permanent relationship. In addition, daily contact with people in it cause aggression. Within one day, during which the action takes place “Freak On”, were concentrated all possible nuisance. Adam Miauczynski (Marek Kondrat) there is no happiness in life. Marriage him failed. Work your dislikes. Money is he did not earn. Friends does not. And around the world are treated as the ultimate enemy. His life consists of hundreds of comic rituals and habits incomprehensible to outside observers. This is the story of a man experiencing a crisis of middle age, who daily takes an unequal battle with the world. With neighbors who tormented him noises with her ​​mother, who always knows better, with his disciples, who do not listen to each encountered a man who by their very existence kept making his life.


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