“Wallander” is a very interesting docu-crime (sometimes quite dark) with an interesting social background, which can be viewed with great pleasure derived from personal experience of surprise solving investigations which do not result in super-heroes are never confusing, but the people of flesh and blood, who have been ambiguous in my life have passed. For fans of Mankell book a must, the rest may be an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of today’s most popular crime fiction. After such a huge commercial success of books, a question of time was the transfer of criminal history on the screen. In 2005 the Swedes made a film zekranizowania specially written short stories for Henning Mankell, who also took an active part in making all parts of the cycle. Two of the films hit the cinema distribution – “Before the coming frost” and “Mastermind”.

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This second special award was indeed sensational film festival in Cognac, awarded by a jury chaired by Jonathan Demme – the author of “Silence of the Lambs”. “Mastermind” – somehow support the entire cycle – were sold in Poland in the package with the book “The Man Who Smiled”, so when he was released at our best European crime series year, we more or less know what to expect. The plots of individual episodes – like each of the books – offer us a very fascinating investigation in which Kurt Wallander goes sometimes a false trail, which seemed to be so tempting at the beginning of the case. In addition to an extremely interesting topics important element of all offenses are part of customary threads, of which by far the most important is the introduction of two new heroes.

The first is the Linda Wallander – Kurt’s daughter, who, after many dilemmas finally decided to become a cop and Stefan Lindman. Both of them indeed are heroes of the individual books beyond wallanderowskiego cycle. Watching the series, you can reflect on whether it will be understandable to people who have not read any book ever Mankell. In fact it is a bit questionable, not least because of the fact that a lot of references to the novel here, a lot of flavor for fans – such

movie covers

dvd covers

as the eternal vicissitudes of the coffee machine, relationship with ex-wife finally fantastic Wallander related to the history of the book in the episode ” Mastermind. ” However, the series is not so tight that people do not know Mankell’s prose were not able to be screwed into the atmosphere of the show – if you just give a chance to at least two or three episodes, it all should start in place as a coherent whole. DVD cover for “Wallander” is made by Michael Adamski. Michael performs covers and dvd covers blu-ray, such as the “Wallander” and make them available by the DVD cover Covercity. This site provides free dvd cover art for the film Wallander.


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