The Falcon and the Snowman

Student Chrisopher Boyce interrupted his studies and devoted to sokolnictwu. Christopher through acquaintances father gets a job in the company armaments. There accidentally fall into his hands on materials about the secret CIA intelligence The Falcon and the Snowman coveroperations. Together with a friend Adrew Dalton Lee, persistent drug trafficking, trying to sell this information to the Soviet embassy in Mexico. I fall in the middle of a fight between the intelligence services … Chris, the son of a former employee of the FBI, resigns from college. Father takes care of his job in a company cooperating with the CIA. Clever boy quickly gained position in the Department of Defense, where he is in contact with confidential documents. Soon an old acquaintance offers him selling secret information to the Russians. The film breaks up the cover with the modern American dream, using compelling story of two young men who end up as a traitor, selling their country, their families and ruined lives. Chris Boyce (Timothy Hutton) is working on a low bench in the plant defense, where he discovers documents that prove that the CIA controls the governments of other countries. Confides his discovery garrulous friend, Daultonowi Lee (Sean Penn), reckless dealer and addict, who convinces him to sell the information to the Soviet Union for big money. Lee confidently arranges a deal with the KGB, but soon things get out of control when the Russians discover the truth. Lee fell into drug addiction and decides to destroy the CIA informants.